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You will find all sort different quizzes. Music quiz, American Presidents Quiz, Quiz for Kids, Film Quiz and many more.

Brazil Quiz
Quiz about Brazil. The country, the people, geography, literature and other trivia quiz questions about Brazil.

Math Quiz
Quiz about Math. Famous mathematician, theorems, number, prime numbers, geometry. Test your all round math knowledge.

Star Wars Quiz
Quiz about Star Wars. If you're are a real Star Wars fan then you can probably answer all these quiz questions without problems. Despite some of them are quite difficult questions.

American Novelists Quiz
Here are 13 quiz questions about American Novelist. Let us see how much you know about literature by American writers.

Museum Quiz
Check how much you know about Museums around the world in this quiz. 13 quiz questions with answers about Museums.

Music from 1990s Quiz
Trivia music quiz questions. We are now back in the 1990's and listening to the great music from that decade. If you can remember the songs and the artists then you will probably do well in this little quiz about music from the 1990's

Latin Quiz
In the old days many kids learned Latin. It's not that popular anymore even though a lot of the modern languages are developed from Latin. Let us see how much you know about Latin in this quiz.

Band Names Quiz
Fun quiz questions about band names. The origin of the band name, how did they come up with the name, what were the original name of the band - and other questions like this.

South America Quiz
Quiz questions and answers about South America. Countries, languages, the people.

Abbreviations Quiz
All books, newspapers, technical descriptions, the Internet, everywhere the world is full of abbreviations. But do you really know what the mean? Here are some quiz questions about abbreviations. It's not kid stuff.

Game of Thrones Quiz
This quiz is for people who have watched Games of Thrones - or at least read a lot about it. Test yourself and find out how much you really know or can remember.

Famous Singers Quiz
You probably know a lot of singers. This quiz is about some them. Check out how much you know about these famous singers

Religion Trivia Quiz
You don't have to be religious to try this quiz. However your knowledge about different religions will be tested here. You will find quiz questions about Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions.

Disney Trivia Quiz
Test how large your knowledge about Disney is. Do you remember the films, the characters the princesses and all the names? Try it out.

Music Hits From 1980 Quiz
How well do you remember the major hit from 1980? Well - maybe you weren't even born. However many of the songs from 1980 live forever so maybe you'll have a chance.in this quiz anyway

Champagne Quiz
13 questions with answers about Champagne. Lets visit France - the home of Champagne production - and test our knowledge about the noble grapes and much more. Cheers and happy new year!

FIFA World Cup Quiz
Football quiz questions with answers. It's always the winner who gets all the glory and attention. But what about the ones that came in second. This quiz is about the second places in FIFA World Cup in football

Astronomy Quiz for kids and young people
Small astronomy quiz for the youngsters. Some questions maybe easy and others maybe a little hard for the children.

Quiz year 2006
Lets see how good you are at remembering what happened in year 2006. The music, films, books, the famous people. Presidents, musician and film titles?

Trivia Travel Quiz Italy
Trivia quiz questions about Italy. Travel through Italy in this quiz and meet the famous people, cities and tourist attractions in Italy.

Trivia Travel Quiz Portugal
Fun trivia quiz questions and answers are about Portugal. Going to Portugal on vacation? Or maybe you've already been there. Try this quiz to test how much you really know about Portugal. Both for adults and older kids. Quiz about the cities, the wine, the attractions, the famous people of Portugal.

Trivia Travel Quiz France
13 trivia quiz questions with answers about France. Good quiz for the whole family going on vacation in France. Visit famous places, cities and tourist attractions in France. Test your knowledge about France.

Trivia Travel Quiz Spain
These trivia quiz questions and answers are about Spain. You can use the quiz as an introduction before you travel to Spain - maybe on a vacation. You can also try this trivia quiz afterwards to test how much you remember from your trip to Spain.

Music Quiz Bands
This music quiz is quite simple. You get the name of a singer or musician and you have to answer which band he or she is member of.

Quiz about IT
IT Quiz. Multiple choice quiz questions about Information Technology or IT. Some hard and difficult quiz questions about the big IT companies, the products, the great people that have changed the IT world, the technology and of course some IT abbreviations.

Quiz about European Song Contest
Check this quiz about the European Song Contest. Do you remember the winners, the songs, the artists? What year was it? And what country was it? Test your knowledge about the European Song Contest here.

Trivia Quiz for kids
Trivia Quiz for kids with answers. Quiz questions for kids in the age of 10 to 12. It's about history, geography, math, the body, music, animals, calendar and sports

Film quiz
Film quiz questions. TV quiz questions and Movie quiz questions with answers. Test your knowledge about some of the most famous movies and actors. Hollywood plays a major role here since most of the films are American. But they also make many very good movies.

Geography Quiz for Kids - Which Country
Geography quiz for kids. Giving only two pieces of information you should be able to associate it with a country. It could be a car brand, something to eat or something completly different.

Music Quiz for Kids
A fun music quiz for kids. Quiz questions about different areas in music: Styles, composers, singers and instruments. Most questions require basic knowledge of music. Kids around 9-12 years old are probably the target audience for this quiz. Adults can of course also try.

Geography Quiz for Kids - Capitals
This is not an easy quiz for kids. It's about capitals all around the world. Lets see how the kids can manage to find the correct names. Pretty clever kids that will know all the answers. Or maybe just old kids.

Travel quiz Europe
Online Europe quiz. Let us travel in Europe with these quiz questions and answers and see how well you know some of the attractions around Europe in different countries and cities. Maybe you've already been on vacation or holiday at some of the locations - maybe you would like to go there. You must know a little about islands, wine areas, ski resorts, borders, paintings, churches and a little more

Country of origin for company
We all know the names of the big companies in the world. Do you also know what country that the company comes from?

Quiz year 1982
Year 1982 Quiz. We are now back in the 80's in the year 1982. Can you remember what happened that year? The music, films, books, the famous people. Presidents, musician and film titles?

Geography Quiz about second largest city
Free online geography quiz. The standard quiz question is about the capital or the largest city of a country. But what about the second largest city?

Famous places in US - which state
There are a lot of famous places in USA. You probably know most of them - but here's a quiz to test if you also know the state.

Quiz about the middle names of US Presidents
This quiz is about the middle names of the American Presidents. We all know the letters W, F etc. but do we also know the names behind the letters?

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