Quiz: Game of Thrones Quiz

This quiz is for people who have watched Games of Thrones - or at least read a lot about it. Test yourself and find out how much you really know or can remember.

1. What did Lyanna whisper as she died?
I love you, Ned
Never forget, Ned
Promise me, Ned

2. What did Joffrey name his sword?
Lions Tooth
Grey Wind

3. What is the Arryn motto?
Ours is the Fury
As High as Honor
All for One

4. Who was Queen Lannister sleeping with?
Her butler
Her father
Her brother

5. Who was the King Who Knelt?
Torheen Stark
Lord Stark
It was not a Stark

6. Who ultimately won the Tourney of the Hand?
Ser Loras
Sandor Clegane
Jamie Lannister

7. Which Knight executed Lord Eddard Stark?
Ser Illyn Payne
Ser Lancelot
Ser Janos Slynt

8. What year did Game of Thrones debut?

9. Where is Game of Thrones filmed?
In the UK
Several continents and countries
In the France

10. After winning an Emmy Award who became the shows top billed star?
Peter Dinklage
Sean Bean
Francis Miller

11. Game of Thrones has the honor of being what?
The most pirated show on television
The series that makes Boston popular
The most watched show in the history of television

12. Which television channel is showing Games of Thrones?

13. What is one of the two languages that were made up for the show?

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