Quiz: Famous Singers Quiz

You probably know a lot of singers. This quiz is about some them. Check out how much you know about these famous singers

1. Who is Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson known as today?
Katy Perry
Jenifer Hudson
Kate Hudson

2. Who is known as the King of Pop?
Michael Jackson
Justing Timberlake
Paul McCartney

3. Who is Destiny Hope known as today?
Miley Cyrus
Destiny’s Child

4. Who is the lead singer of Guns and Roses?
Axl Rose
Pete Frampton
Michael Stipe

5. Who sang the classic Maggie May?
Rod Stewart
Peter Frampton
David Bowie

6. Who is Robin Fenty known as today?

7. What is Pat Benatar’s real name?
Patricia Mae Andrzejewski
Patty McCain
Pat Benatari

8. Which singer stood in the Purple Rain while the Doves Cry?
Michael Jackson
Marvin Gaye

9. Which singer had Georgia on his mind?
Stevie Wonder
Ray Charles

10. What is Eminem's given name?
Slim Shady
Stan Mathis
Marshall Bruce Mathers III

11. What is Dr. Dre’s given name?
Jay Zee
Andre Romelle Young
Sean Diddy

12. Which boy band had Robbie Williams as a member?
Take That
Backstreet Boys

13. Which singer was known as Old Blue Eyes?
Sammy Davis
Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra

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