Quiz: Band Names Quiz

Fun quiz questions about band names. The origin of the band name, how did they come up with the name, what were the original name of the band - and other questions like this.

1. John, Paul, George and Ringo - and what's the name of the band?
The Byrds
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones

2. What does the Australian band AC/DC stand for?
Anti-Christian/Devil Crusade
Alternating Current/Direct Current
All Can/Decide Community

3. What was Kiss’s original band name?
Wicked Sister
Wicked Twister
Wicked Lester

4. What is the meaning behind the band name "Kasabian"?
It's named after Russian city
It's named after a member of the Charles Manson cult
It's named after a Japanese cult cartoon

5. What was Pearl Jam's original band name?
Mookie Blaylock
Pearl Sauce

6. What was the inspiration for the band name "Pink Floyd"?
The name of an exotic fish
The name of club where they played their first gig
The names of two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council

7. Why did Kurt Cobain pick the name Nirvana for his band?
Cobain believed in reincarnation and had turned Buddhist
Cobain wanted a peaceful and name for the band
It’s an abbreviation of all the band members’ names

8. How did ABBA get their name?
It’s a varied form of abracadabra
Abba means father in Hebrew, and Lyngstad has Jewish roots
It’s an abbreviation of all the band members’ names

9. The Who, originally called The Detours changed their band name because?
Townshend’s friend suggested it
Townshend’s grandmother, hearing impaired, always said, “The Who”
Strongly support of the UN organization WHO

10. Why did Freddie Mercury suggest changing the band name from Smile to Queen?
He liked the name and thought it sounded regal
He thought it would catch audience’s’ attention
He thought Smile was too drab

11. How does lead singer of the band R.E.M. say they didn’t get their name?
He randomly pulled the acronym out of the dictionary
It stands for Rapid Eye Movement
Something else

12. What is the band "Duran Duran" named after?
A song by David Bowie
The middlename of Andy Taylor
A villain of the science fiction film Barbarella

13. What is the meaning behind the name Led Zeppelin?
It stands for a famous Italian artist
It’s a joke about the Hindenburg Disaster
It stands for forming a band with UK band Led Zep

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