Quiz: Music Hits From 1980 Quiz

How well do you remember the major hit from 1980? Well - maybe you weren't even born. However many of the songs from 1980 live forever so maybe you'll have a chance.in this quiz anyway

1. Who had a hit with the song Xanadu back in the 1980?
Donna Summer
Olivia Newton John
The Clash

2. What song was a big hit for the Cure in the 1980?
The Woods
The Beach
A Forest

3. Who had a hit with Master Blaster (jamming) in the 1980?
Lionel Richie
Diana Ross
Stevie Wonder

4. Which duet was in the 1980 “Guilty” of producing the hit song Guilty?
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Junior
Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand
Barbara Streisand and Andy Gibb

5. Which songstress was “Upside Down” back in the 1980 after stepping out on her own?
Donna Summer
Evelyn Champaigne King
Diana Ross

6. Which song did Olivia Newton John make a fast hit in 1980?
Roll, Bounce
Hey Nineteen

7. Which Debbie Harry hit was a chart topper back in the 1980?
Born to be Alive
Call me

8. Who was Carly Simon singing about in the 1980?

9. Where was Air Supply in the 1980?
Lost in Love
Hooked on a Feeling
Wearing Boogey Shoes

10. What band had a hit with the song "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" in 1980?
The Commodores
Kool and the Gang

11. Who sang "It's still Rock and Roll to me" back in 1980?
Paul McCartney
Billy Joel
Elton John

12. Bette Midler had a major success in 1980 with what song?
The Rose
The River
The Rain

13. The Michael Jackson hit "Rock with me" was included on what album released in 1980?
Off the Wall

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