Quiz: Astronomy Quiz for kids and young people

Small astronomy quiz for the youngsters. Some questions maybe easy and others maybe a little hard for the children.

1. What is described by the Big Bang Theory?
The creation of the universe
The end of the world
The collission of two planets

2. What is the Milky Way?
The galaxy we live in
A white star
The distance between the earth and the sun

3. What is the biggest: the Earth or the Moon?
The moon
The earth
They have equal size

4. What is a lightyear?
A year with 365 days
A fast rotating planet
A measure of distance

5. In older days what did people believe was the center of the universe?
The Earth
The Moon

6. What is closest to the earth: The Moon, Pluto or the Sun
The Sun
The Moon

7. How long time does it take the moon to travel around the earth?
Approx. 1 days
Approx. 7 days
Approx. 27 days

8. What is the name of the first man to walk on the moon?
Louis Armstrong
Lance Armstrong
Neil Armstrong

9. What planet is surrounded by a ring system of particles?

10. What is the of force of nature that makes all physical objects attract each other?

11. In what direction should you look to see the Polaris star?

12. In which film do you meet Jedi Knights and Darth Vader?
Star Trek
Star Wars

13. What is an asteroide?
A small star
A minor planet
A female astronaut

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