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When was Brazil’s current constitution written?
What are the only two countries in South America that do not border Brazil?
What is the official name of Brazil?
The giant statue Christ the Redeemer, overlooking Rio de Janiero, was designed by a sculptor from what country?
How many times has Brazil won the FIFA World Cup?


Puzzle Categories

Famous quotes
You probably knows a lot of quotes from famous people. But do you actually remember who said what? Have a look here and test your self.

Number puzzles
Do you love numbers? Do you love puzzles or problems with numbers? If so then this might be something for you. Here you find brainteasers with numbers

Letter puzzles
Different kind of puzzles with letters. Find the missing letter and similar stuff. Workout your brain with letters here

Anagrams are words based on rearrangement of letters in a word or sentence. Lets see how good you are at figuring this out.

Sequence puzzles
Puzzles with sequences of numbers. Some of them are quite difficult. Maybe you can get some help from the headlines

Latest puzzles

Twice of the half...
(Number puzzles)
Land is to and
(Number puzzles)
2 squares 2 ways
(Number puzzles)
Know Sting
Eight days a week...
(Sequence puzzles)

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